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Infinity Sun – Sunless Tanning -$35.00

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Treat yourself to the Infinity Sun Air Brushed Tanning Treatment. Invigorate your body with the highly nourishing age-defying sunless tanning treatment enriched with anti-oxidants, ginger root, purebotanicals, and glycerin. You will emerge feeling refreshed and invigorated while your body glows with a tan that looks as if you had spent a week basking in the sun. All-natural, age-defying sunless tanning enriched with only the highest quality ingredients will leave the skin soft and supple with a golden-brown tan that lasts 7-10 days.

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The Infinity Sun Two-Step Process:
Infinity Normalize Elixir

Blend of exotic aloes to hydrating porous areas
Allows even penetration

Infinity Anti-Aging Bronzer Tanner

All-natural, anti-oxidants, and pure botanicals
Golden brown glow
Cosmetic bronzer from walnut extracts


Elemental Nature Body Wrap –  $60.00
Renew the body and mind with a dry body wrap that uses the Aveda Stress-Fix, shampure, or rosemary mint aroma this bodywrap includes a dry exfoliation, scalp and face massage and foot massage It’s great way to add some extra moisture for the skin.

Beautifying Body Wrap – $75.00
The Beautifying body wrap is a warming, detoxifying, seaweed body wrap that includes a dry exfoliation, seaweed body masque, scalp and face massage and foot reflexology treatment.

Body Exfoliation– $45.00
Using light circular motions, a blend of sea salts and aromatic essential oils are gently massaged over the body to remove dull surface skin cells.