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Autumn/ Winter 2014 Romantic Grandeur Makeup Collection

August 25th, 2014 • Posted by Nikki Edens • Permalink

The New Autumn/ Winter Makeup Collection has arrived!

Ivory light deepens to violet night in a palette inspired by dusk.

Dream-like colors recast the splendor of eras past and reveal a romantic, vintage quality when softly pressed in by hand-- let us show you how!




**There is 6 New Shadows, 2 New Lip Colors, 2 New Eye Definer, 1 New Lip Definers, and 2 New Lip Glazes

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*NEW* Shampure Composition Oil

August 21st, 2014 • Posted by Magen Feuchtenberger • Permalink

Experience Shampure Head to Toe

Introducing Aveda's latest moisture must-have--- an aromatice, nourishing oil for body, bath and scalp. It features the signature Shampure aroma made with 25 pure flower and plant essences.

Leaving your skin soft and radiant!

Fun Facts:

*Suitable for all skin types

*Absorbs easily into the skin without leaving skin greasy feeling

*The carton is made with 90% post-consumer recycled fiber.

*Made with certified organic lavendar oil

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*New* Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight

May 22nd, 2014 • Posted by Magen Feuchtenberger • Permalink

Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight progressively loosens curls with every use so your hair becomes straighter morning after morning, and stays that way day after day.

As you straighten your hair, the lightweight crème unique plant fibers attach to the hair and hold your straight style in place, while a humidity barrier of organic tapioca starch, organic aloe, and maize fend off frizz in the most humid environment.

The more you use it, the easier it is to create your straight look, allowing you spend less time styling each day.



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